Resources for Episcopal Church Workers in South Dakota

Remember 99% of us never grew up wishing we would end up on a Vestry or Bishop's Committee. It is important to be kind to anyone that serves and to remember we do not all have the same gifts.

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December 15th - Pledge form.

January 15th - Church News updated list

February 15th - Elected Officers Report and

                          Delegates to Diocesan Convention Report and

                          Four Sunday Attendance

March 1st - Parochial Report


Many of these forms can be found at

Cemetery Issues


The Bishops Committee and the Vicar have the authority on who can be buried in the churches cemetery.  The Niobrara Council has some recomendations if you need help.




Don Eagle

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Sam Kitto

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The Rev. Pat White Horse-Carda

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The Rev. Kim Fonder

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