Resources for Episcopal Church Workers in South Dakota

Remember 99% of us never grew up wishing we would end up on a Vestry or Bishop's Committee. It is important to be kind to anyone that serves and to remember we do not all have the same gifts.


1. Keep finances including reconciling incoming and paying outgoing.

2. Parochial Report

3. License for lay persons if not completed by Senior Warden.

4. Financial report during specific meetings

5. It turns out the books should be audited yearly by a CPA or authorized Diocesan representative, aka Randy Barnhardt.  He is a busy guy so give plenty of notice that you would like to request his services.

6.  One of the ways we protect our Treasurer is to have a notebook at the church.  Each service with an offering we write in the notebook;

          Date          Amount of Offering          Then two of us count it and sign off on the correct amount.

We do this for many reasons but mostly to show that we are depositing what we collect and no one person is stuck on the hot seat.  If there are any spread sheet enthusiasts out there you can enter this into many spreadsheets to create your own stats.  I have one large spreadsheet I enter various info into based on a pilots log book spreadsheet.  Number in attendance, what kind of service, which months do we go behind, which do we pull ahead?  Things like that.


Here are some great links that might help

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